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A Brief Introduction…

Peter Philips (1560/1 – 1628) has long existed on the margins of English music.  Resident in England until 1582, Philips spent the rest of his life in exile in the Netherlands.  It is presumed that Philips’s Catholicism was the motivation behind this move, as Catholics were not permitted to openly practice their faith in England at the time.  As many scholars have observed, the long-term neglect of Philips’s music has been partly due to his separation from England and its choral tradition. In recent years, Philips has begun to enjoy the acclaim he deserves as choirs rediscover his glorious motets. The present disc is part of this rediscovery, and marks the 450th anniversary of Philips’s birth.

We have included a selection of motets, principally from the collection Cantiones Sacrae Quinis Vocibus 1612 (but also including works for two choirs and solo motets) which demonstrate Philips’s compositional flair and originality.  Compare the stunning lament Mulieres sedentes with the buoyant Beatus vir, qui inventus est, or the anguish of Viae Sion lugent with the vision of paradise in Veni, Sponsa Christi.  A disc for lovers of early music and those just discovering this repertoire. 

Alexander Norman
(Artistic Director, Convivium Singers)

Recorded at St Alban the Martyer, Highgate, February & July 2011 by Convivium Singers.
Peter Philips: An Englishman Abroad. Directed by Alexander Norman and accompanied by Dr. David Price.
Engineered and edited by Adaq Khan and Adrian Green.
Produced by Andrew King and David Millinger.
Executive Producer: Adrian Green

Track Listing

01 Veni, Sponsa Christi (Cantiones Sacrae quinis vocibus) 1612
02 Cum jucunditate (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612
03 O Maria domina nostra (Paradisus Sacris Cantionibus) 1628
Soprano: Penelope Appleyard; Organ: Alexander Norman
04 Viae Sion lugent (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612
05 Ave verum corpus (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612
06 Mulieres sedentes (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612 
07 Quae est ista quae ascendit (Cantiones Sacrae octonis vocibus) 1613
08 Ecce tu pulchra es (Cantiones Sacrae) 1613
09 Corona aurea (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612
10 Paratum cor meum (Paradisus Sacris) 1628
First Tenor: Adrian Green; Second Tenor: Robert Jenkins; Third Tenor: Ewan Stockwell
11 Confitebor, tibi Domine (Paradisus Sacris) 1628
Soprano soloists: Penelope Appleyard, Alexandra Bickerton, Harriet Smith, Catherine Pope
Organist: Alexander Norman
12 Domine probasti me (Paradisus Sacris) 1628
Tenor: Adrian Green
13 Beatus vir, qui inventus est (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612
14 Pater noster (Cantiones Sacrae) 1612

With Thanks To

Convivium Singers would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Edward Fellowes (churchwarden) and the clergy and congregation of St. Alban the Martyr, Highgate; Professor Lionel Pike for allowing us access to his transcriptions and advice on programming; Dr. David Smith and Andrew King for their advice and encouragement; The Music Reprieval Trust for helping to fund the choir’s live performances of Philips.



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